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Attorney Aaron R. Coven Offers Solutions for Insurance Disputes in South Florida

Insurance Dispute Attorney Lake WorthAttorney Aaron R. Coven, with office located in Lake Worth, Florida, is dedicated to helping his neighbors in Palm Beach County with their personal injury suits. Although personal injury is the focus of his practice, Attorney Coven also represents cases involving insurance disputes. Since he is a former insurance adjustor for a large national provider, he brings to the table an understanding of insurance companies. With his experience in the insurance field as an adjustor and as an able and successful litigator in claims involving insurance providers, he offers his clients an important, unique advantage.

Types of Insurance Disputes

Attorney Coven offers legal services designed to settle disputes regarding health, care, homeowners, and workers compensation, for example. Insurance providers, which include private concerns and those that are government-based, have specific rules and regulations regarding how one may apply for and receive benefits, as well as what is covered and how much.

Often, those who have an insurance claim do not need assistance from an attorney. However, when a claim or benefits are disallowed, discontinued, reduced, or less than one might expect, then individuals will often find that they are in direct conflict with the insurance provider.

Individuals will usually be able to appeal a ruling by a provider, and although it is not required that one works attorney, if you are dealing with an insurance provider, which has access to attorneys and various experts, then it is often best to retain an attorney. You have a much better chance of winning your appeal or settling your conflict in a manner that benefits you if you are represented by an experienced professional who can go to battle with the company or provider on your behalf.

What Causes a Dispute?

Insurance disputes are usually due to a few basic situations, which include disallowed, discontinued, reduced, or inadequate benefits. The reasons as to why someone filing an insurance claim may find that they are in such a situation include:

  • Incomplete or improperly filled out paperwork
  • Not following proper procedures in seeking medical help
  • Not being timely in filing a claim
  • Improper interpretation of benefits and coverage by the insurer
  • Improper interpretation or application of the law by the insurer
  • Other errors by the insurance provider

Insurance providers will pay as little as possible to those filing a claim. Thus, if there is any way for them to disallow or to reduce a payment, they will. Additionally, many times consumers must deal with complex filing requirements and documentation procedures that can result in a claim denial.

A lawyer who is experienced in dealing with medical claims can benefit you in many ways. Such lawyers understand the proper manner in which to meet all requirements set by agencies and companies, and they have knowledge of and experience in filing all paperwork. Plus, in an appeal situation, where there is little to no room for error, they can ensure that every detail of your claim has been dealt with properly.

The Advantage Can Be Yours

If you find yourself in an insurance dispute, give yourself every advantage that you possibly can. Contact Attorney Aaron R. Coven in Lake Worth, Florida. His experience, knowledge, and record of success in insurance disputes make him a formidable opponent for the powerful insurance companies and government agencies. Call Attorney Coven today. He’ll be happy to set up a free, no obligation consultation where he will discuss your insurance concerns.

Attorney Coven can be reached by calling 561-540-3636 or by filling out the short contact form on this page. Don’t take on large insurance providers or government programs by yourself. Give yourself the best chance possible of winning your fight and receiving the benefits that you need and have earned.